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1990 Pre, school, learning the basic crafts of building (BTH)
1990 Trainee at Contractor: Hans Jørgensen & Søn (fyn)
1991 Trainee at Contractor: Helge Hansen (kbh)
1992 Building technician from Byggeteknisk Højskole
1993 Starts at The royal Danish school of architecture
1996 Fultime work, graphic design / advertising (Tegnestuen-M)
1999 Architect MAA from The royal Danish school of architecture
1999 Form og Farve (management and design)
1999 Elektropa Internet project (Zentropa film)
1999 Works as architect maa, for DesignGroup (and own private office)
2004 Teaching at Copenhagen Technical Akademi C T A (Constructing architects) KEA
2005 Projectmanager, C T A Creative department
2005 Headmaster (principal) of C T A
2006 Teaching at C T A (Constructing architects)
2010 Retired
2012 Opens må workshop / studio FABRIKKEN
Studytravels:Greece (Islands), USA (20 century architecture - New York, New Heaven, Boston, Cambridge, Hartford, Princeton, Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington.), Germany (Berlin), France (Le Corbusier), Egypt (Luxor, Karnark & vally of the kings), Italy (Rome), Czech Republic(Prag)
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